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Monday, March 24, 2014

Drew Estate Announces Undercrown “Dogma” Commemorative Cigar & “5 Days of ‘Dogma’” Giveaway

Drew Estate Announces Undercrown “Dogma” Commemorative Cigar & “5 Days of ‘Dogma’” Giveaway

Miami, FL – Drew Estate announced today their plans to release a new size within their Undercrown cigar line. The size will be called Undercrown “Dogma”, and has been created to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the online community Cigar Dojo. The blend of “Dogma” is based on the Undercrown Corona ¡Viva! and is comprised of Mexican San Andreas wrapper, Connecticut Stalk-Cut Habano binder, and Nicaraguan & Brazilian Mata Fina fillers. The “Dogma” will come in a 6 x 56 box-pressed vitola.
When asked about the “Dogma” project, Jonathan Drew said, “we have been major supporters of Cigar Dojo from the beginning. A handful of Drew Estate employees, myself included, are Dojo members, and we have always been floored by the support Drew Estate has received on the app and website. When Eric (owner of Cigar Dojo) approached us about coming up with this special commemorative cigar, it was a no-brainer. My dad, “Baitfish” Gary, came up with the name ‘Dogma’.”
The “Dogma” will be a limited run of 10-count bundles, and will be sold exclusively through Smoke Inn, a South Florida cigar retail chain, owned by Abe Debabneh. For those based outside of Florida, the cigars will be available through Smoke Inn’s web store. The “Dogma” will be priced at $9.95 MSRP per single and $99.50 MSRP per 10-count bundle.
The flavor profile of the “Dogma” aligns with that of the Corona ¡Viva!, featuring notes of cocoa, earth, and a rich spicy character. If you enjoy the Corona ¡Viva! but would like a longer, 56 ring gauge smoke, the “Dogma” will be a new favorite.
In tandem with the release of the new “Dogma” size, Drew Estate will be running a social campaign and giveaway through their website which will allow consumers to try the cigar before it hits the market. To enter, visit Unfortunately, the giveaway is not available in MA, MI, and VA due to anti-tobacco promotion laws within those states.
The Undercrown “Dogma” will be available for pre-order Friday, March 28th, 2014, through In the meantime, make sure to enter Drew Estate’s “5 Days of ‘Dogma’” giveaway for your chance to try the cigar before anyone else in the country. If you have any questions, please contact Drew Estate’s Public & Media Relations representative, Johnny Brooke, at jbrooke (at) drewestate (dot) com.

About Drew Estate:
Founded in New York City in 1996 by two former college fraternity brothers who shared a dream to become world-class cigar makers. Jonathan Drew and Marvin Samel led Drew Estate to become one of the largest and fastest growing cigar companies in the world. Under their mantra “The Rebirth of Cigars”™ Drew Estate has defied the odds by innovating new elements to the cigar industry with their unique tobaccos and blending styles that have attracted new and old cigar enthusiasts. In their Gran Fabrica Drew Estate, their Nicaraguan headquarters, Drew Estate produces successful brands such as ACID, Herrera Estelí, Java by Drew Estate, Kentucky Fired Cured, Liga Privada, My Uzi Weighs a Ton, Natural, Nica Rustica, Tabak Especial and UnderCrown.

Friday, March 21, 2014

San Lotano The Bull

Size: 5 X 54

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sumatra

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan

Hanging at a great cigar lounge called ShamLux during an Alec Bradley Event, I was talking to a cool guy, Clay Roberts the West Coast Rep for San Lotano. After chatting for awhile, he tells me about The Bull and has some sticks sent to me. Being a fan of AJ Fernandez cigars I am excited when I received the package in the mail. The cigar comes wrapper in cedar with a bull's head branded on the cedar. The foot has a black ribbon around it and the cigar band is the one on all the San Lotano line.

This box pressed, dark brown cigar has very small veins if any in the wrapper. Very well constructed and it's very hard to find the seams. The cedar wrap and ribbon slipped off very easy. I smelled dark chocolate and hay from the foot and sweet barnyard from the stick. I clipped the cap very easy with my Colibri Slice cutter and took a nice dry open draw of chocolate and cinnamon. Then a bit of spice. I toasted the foot with my Colibri Enterprise II double torch flame lighter. The first few puffs of sweetness are a nice start. The smoke starts off full. I then tasted a mild cedar. Leather and espresso rounded off the first section of this cigar. So far, so good.

I tapped off the nice dense grey ash before the second section so it didn't fall on me while I was driving. The smoke is full and creamy and I tasted hints sweetness and white pepper. The smoke still full and the ash fell during this section and burned my hand. (See the video for a laugh.) The nice band came off without incident. No tearing, cracks, glue or defects underneath.

Notes of leather, white pepper and sweetness round off the last third of this cigar. The full creamy smoke continued and the burn was even.

Another very tasty cigar by AJ Fernandez and it is a Cigar Assessor Approved Cigar. If you get a chance to smoke one of these, you should. You'll be glad you did. Thanks again, Clay Roberts!

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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Miami Cigar to Serve as Exclusive US Distributor of Viva República

Miami Cigar to Serve as Exclusive US Distributor of Viva República
MIAMI – March 19, 2014
Viva República, Inc. and Miami Cigar Co. are pleased to announce an exclusive distribution agreement effective April 1st 2014. Miami Cigar will sell and distribute all Viva República lines in the United States.
In addition to the brand joining Miami Cigar’s premium product offerings, the brand creator, Jason Holly, is joining the Miami Cigar team. He will concentrate on developing existing brands and work on creating new projects, while visiting accounts nationally for events and sales support. When questioned about the acquisition Jason Wood, VP of Miami Cigar, had this to say, “We plan to increase our emphasis on traditional channels,” he said, “It is time for the cigar industry to see the new Miami Cigar, the addition of (Jason) Holly is exactly what we needed to get a jump start to our 25th Anniversary campaign.”
Founded by Nestor and Mariana Miranda in 1989 the Company is celebrating its 25th year in business. “We are proud to be adding a growing new brand in the same year we are celebrating our 25th Anniversary,” said Miranda, “Even after two-plus decades and millions upon millions of cigars, we’re not ready to slow down.”
“I was thoroughly impressed with the Miranda’s and Jason Wood,” said Holly, who attended Harvard University, “We share similar values, key relationships and both see enhanced growth potential resulting from our complementary skills and resources.”
“I am proud to have Viva República in the Miami Cigar family of lines we distribute.” said Wood. “In adding Holly we bring on another valuable team member, who has seen the industry from the traditional retailer’s eye. He is highly creative and can add to our strategy immensely.” When asked about future Viva República releases Holly said he would continue to rely solely on León’s factory. “It’s home. The factory is modern and well run, boasts a fantastic tobacco inventory and is owned by a great friend,” Holly said. With the pending release of the Nestor Miranda Collection, the addition of Viva República and plans to enhance its sales mechanisms, Miami Cigar could be in for one of its most exciting years since its founding.
“We have spent some serious time evaluating our practices and look forward to implementing positive changes that will enhance our brand identity,” said Wood.
About Miami Cigar Co
Miami Cigar Co is proudly celebrating its 25th Year in Business as a distributer of premium cigars. Founded by Nestor and Mariana Miranda the company is currently run by Vice President Jason Wood. In addition to the Nestor Miranda brands the company also boasts the Tatiana, Don Lino and Casa Miranda brands. MCC also serves as the exclusive United States distributor for La Aurora, S.A.
About Viva República
Viva República was founded in 2012 by former brick and mortar retailer Jason Holly. Holly partnered with Guillermo León and his La Aurora factory as the exclusive manufacturer of the company’s Viva República brand. In addition to winning an award in the “Best in Show” category at the IPCPR in 2013, the brands sales have steadily increased. Current releases include Rapture, Rapture Maduro and Guerrilla Warfare, with new additions shipping shortly.
Barry Stein
Social Media Director
Miami Cigar & Company
O-(305) 599-3395 ext. 23
F- (305) 599-9114
C-(347) 628-6633
Twitter: @MCCBarry

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Black Label Trading Company Satuation (Salvation)

Size: 5 X 54

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sun Grown Habano

Binder: Honduras

Filler: Nicaraguan

This was my second cigar from Black Label Trading Company. Last year I was sent three cigars one Royalty, Satuation and Last Rite. I reviewed the Royalty and enjoyed it and now it was time for Satuation. After reviewing the cigar, I saw the name is actually Salvation. But it is spelled differently on the Pre-Release Sample band. So during the video review I am calling this cigar Satuation.

 I placed the foot of this well constructed, chocolate colored, minimally veined cigar under my nose and smelled chocolate pudding with Habanero/Cayenne pepper. Very nice. The wrapper omitted smells of coco and dirt from a little league field. I clipped the cap with my Tonino Lamborghini Le Mans cutter and get a nice clean cut. I tasted hay and leaves from the dry draw. The draw is nice and open. I toasted the foot with my Tonino Lamborghini Forza and taste chocolate from the first few draws of full smoke. I then tasted a hint of cedar creeping in.

Later in this first section I tasted floral notes and sweetness. The burn was even and the ash was a nice dense grey ash with streaks of black. The smoke continued to be full and the ash stayed in tact for the first section.

The ash fell in the section section and the burn was still even.  The band is so large I had to slide it off in this section. No defects, glue or cracks underneath. Sweet molasses, leather and a mild white pepper was the flavor note I tasted. So far, so good.

The last section and the ash fell again and the burn continued to be even. The flavor notes round off with white pepper, molasses and cocoa. The smoke never died down and continued full and creamy.

The Black Label Trading Company Salvation is a tasty cigar and a Cigar Assessor Approved Cigar.

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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Wilson Adams Sumatra No. 4

Size: 6 X 52

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sumatra

Binder: Pennsylvania Broadleaf

Filler: Nicaraguan

Being a fan of the first Wilson Adams cigar created by Brandon Wilson and Stephen Miller, I was looking forward to their new cigar recently released, the Wilson Adams Sumatra. During my travels, I popped into Lordsburg Cigar Lounge in La Verne, California and I spotted the new cigar in their beautiful humidor. I picked up three along with 2 of the original Wilson Adams and made the purchased. Now time for the review.

The cigar for the review was the second I smoked and I still have one more sitting in my humidor. I took this well constructed, nut/chocolate brown, minimally veined cigar from it's cellophane and smelled sweetness, cocoa and barnyard from the foot. Sweat and barnyard is what I smelled from the wrapper. I clipped off the cap with my Colibri Slice Cutter and took a nice open dry draw of chocolate and leather. I toasted the foot with a Colibri Enterprise II double jet flame lighter and tasted cedar and a touch of sweetness in the first few puffs of full creamy smoke which continued throughout the whole smoking experience.  Hints of Espresso and white pepper are the flavor note I was picking up and the nice dense grey with streaks of black as held on during the first section of this cigar.

The ash fell for the first time right before the second section and notes of white pepper kicked it up a notch with an underlying hint of leather and espresso.

The last third and the band slid off without incident of damaging the cigar. No defects, cracks or glue underneath. The flavor of white pepper died down and hints of espresso, wood and a mild sweetness rounded off the last section.

The Wilson Adams Sumatra is a full bodied smoke and shouldn't be smoked on an empty stomach. Make sure you eat a meal before hand. It also has a strong nicotine kick midway through. I enjoyed smoking this cigar and give it the Cigar Assessor Approval.

Make sure you support your local Cigar Shops/Lounges by visiting and buying cigars. Just don't buy on-line. I say this because these shops and their owners are on the front lines fighting for your rights to smoke. If you don't support them, they will begin to disappear and so will your rights to enjoy a fine cigar and you won't have anyplace to hang with fellow smokers.

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