Cigar Assessor

Cigar Assessor

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Drew Estate Undercrown Gran Toro

Size: 6 X 52

Wrapper: San Andres Maduro

Binder: Nicaraguan T52 Stalk Cut & Habano

Filler: Brazilian Mata Fina and Nicaraguan Habano


I been hearing many good things about Drew Estate cigars and after a good friend recently handed me an Undercrown Gran Habano, I was ready to give it a try. I drove over to the smoking room at my lodge to smoke this stick and write the review. I also wanted to video the review but due to uncontrolled circumstances, I couldn’t.

I got to the smoke room, prepare the tunes, Theolonious Monk- Brilliant Corners and Ray Charles Collection and sat back and pushed out this chocolate brown cigar with minimal veinage from its cellophane casing. I smell the foot and I smell a strong chocolate aroma. The stick also gives off a chocolate aroma along with some barnyard smell. The blue, gold band with its logo reminded me of the Lowenbrau lion. I pour a neat glass of McCallans 12 year old single malt scotch to accompany this cigar.

I clip the cap with my cutter and it unravels a bit. I moisten it down and get pepper and cocoa from the dry draw. I toast the foot and taste notes of cedar and then cocoa from the first few smooth open draws full of thick creamy smoke. At this point I notice cracks appearing in the wrapper and the foot starts to unwrap. I give this stick a touch up.


I get past the first third and the grey ash with black spots fell from the cigar as it was still pushing smoke that is thick and creamy. More cracks appear and smoke is leaking from them. The burn is uneven. I taste salt, cocoa and nutty notes in this section. Though this cigar’s wrapper is falling apart the smoke is still enjoyable. It requires another touch up.


Around the last third of this smoke, I first taste sweet and salty caramel and then hints of nuts. The smoke is still kicking in high gear and the burn remains uneven and needed a third touch up. The flavor changes to a spicy pepper note and then cedar toward the end. I put the cigar down for the last time when I feel the heat on my lips.


Overall, this bold cigar was a very nice smoke. The flavors and smoke were full throughout. The draw was smooth and open. The biggest problem with this stick was the wrapper. I only wonder how much nicer this smoke could have been if the wrapper didn’t crack and fall apart from the get go.


                                                          Robert Anthony Meyers