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Cigar Assessor

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Romeo y Julieta Romeo Robusto

Size: 5 x 54

Wrapper: “Select” Dark Ecuadoran Habano

Binder: Dominican Olor

Filler: Dominican Piloto and Olor


Today is the first day of spring and the weather is sunny and a fine 65 degrees. What could be a better accompaniment to this nice day? A fine cigar and drink of Italian Roast iced coffee. I grab a Romeo y Julieta Romeo Robusto from my humidor and head off to the side stoop so the kids can play. Today, I also decided to try recording the session from my laptop as an experiment which prevented me from playing music.

The cigar is a nice chocolate brown in color with not many veins. I pull it out of the wrapper and smell chocolate from the foot and a sweet and a barnyard smell from the stick. The band is unique with way they spell Romeo out on it, red background with gold letters beneath white letters and gold lines boarding the outside of the band. I clip the cap and take an open smooth dry draw of hay and cinnamon stick.

I toast the foot with a wooden match and touch it up with my Lotus torch lighter due to a light wind. Notes of wood and nuts are present in the flavor along with roasted coffee and cedar that finish out the first third. The white smoke is full and creamy. The burn becomes slightly uneven.

The second third of this smoke and the smoke is still kicking on full. Leather and a mild spice dominate this section with an occasional tangy note hitting the back of my mouth.
The uneven burn reminds me of the tracks of a roller coaster and the nice grey ash with spots of black holds strong in its form and doesn’t fall until the halfway point.
During the last third of this stick, a sweet fruitiness changes to notes of cedar and light pepper as I smoke on. The burn is almost even at this point and the white smoke is still pumping full. I smoke this cigar until I feel the heat on my lips.


I’m not surprised that this cigar is a very nice smoke. I can’t ever remember having a bad Romeo y Julieta cigar. I look forward to smoking another in the near future.
Robert Anthony Meyers

Garo 15th Aniversario Belicoso


Size: 6 ½ X 54

Wrapper: Habano 200 Ecuador

Binder: San Vincente

Filler: Creol/Crojo


After posting my review of the Garo Centum Salomon, I was contacted by Dr. Garo and received a nice package of cigars from his line. Today, I decided after already smoking a 15th Aniversario Belicoso about a week ago, to smoke another and review it.

Sitting on my front stoop during this 68 degree, overcast late afternoon, I hit play on my Windows Media Player and The Romantic Moods of Jackie Gleason begins playing and I take this honey colored cigar out of its cellophane wrapper. Light in veins and well-constructed, I place this stick under my nose and barnyard is the fragrance I smell. The band is an elegant combination of silver, purple, black and white colors and looks very nice on this cigar. A bottle of Smart Water will accompany this event.

I clip the pointed tip about a ¼ inch from the point and take a dry draw. Hay and a hint of sweetness is what I taste. It lights very easy with a wooden match and the first draws of full creamy smoke produce notes of roasted almonds in my mouth. About a quarter of the way in I begin to taste hints of cedar.

As the burn gets close to ending the first third of this stick, the grey ash falls for the first time.

The next third and I taste nutty notes highlighted by honey and a light spice. The burn is even and the smoke is kicking full and creamy. The ash falls for a second time at the halfway mark.


The last third and the flavors I experience are salted nuts, cedar and a few puffs of sweetness.  The smoke hasn’t yet let up its fullness.


The burn on this cigar remained pretty even almost throughout the whole smoke. It was during the very last few puffs that an uneven burn started. Not a big deal as it didn't effect the smoke. I didn't experience this on the other stick I smoked at an eariler date.

After smoking a couple of these full bodied sticks, the Garo 15th Aniversario Belicoso has become one of my favorites. If you see them anywhere, grab a few and put them in your humidor. Just beware not to smoke this cigar on an empty stomach because it is a powerful smoke and you will feel it when you are done. -March 19, 2013
 Robert Anthony Meyers