Cigar Assessor

Cigar Assessor

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Gran Habano Cigars Reaches Out to the Cigar Community to Save Their Trademark.

Miami, Florida, August 6, 2014 Santa Cruz Tobacco, LLC., distributor to Gran Habano Cigars, reaches out to cigar industry and customers to help with trade mark issue. 

Gran Habano was notified by the U.S. Trade Mark office stating that “Gran Habano” is misleading the public. The Trade Mark office claims that with the brand name “Gran Habano” is misleading the public to think we are selling cigars from Cuba. We all in the cigar industry know that this is not true and Cuban cigars being sold in this country is ILLEGAL. All retail locations know that Gran Habano products are not manufactured in Cuba and are grown in Honduras and Nicaragua as all labels on Gran Habano cigars state. The public buys our cigars for the quality of the cigar and Gran Habanos customers do not smoke them “BECAUSE THEY THINK THEY ARE FROM CUBA”.  

We are asking everyone who would like to help us dispute this claim by filling out the blanks on the attached MS Word forms and returning them to Gran Habano via email or and fax (305) 436-5740 before Friday 08/08/14. Please help us stop the Government from trying to remove a name so well known in the cigar community. Together we can stop this from happening.

THANK YOU to everyone and your efforts in this matter will be greatly appreciated from us at Gran Habano.

Hector Mesa
Santa Cruz Tobacco Gran Habano
(305) 436-5960
3261 NW 82nd Avenue Doral, FL 33122