Cigar Assessor

Cigar Assessor

Monday, February 18, 2013

Kristoff Corojo Limitada Matador

Kristoff Corojo Limitada Matador


Shape: Gordo

Size: 6 1/2 x 56

Strength: Medium - Full

Country of Origin: Dominican Republic

Wrapper Type: Nicaraguan Corojo Habano

Color: Colorado Maduro

Binder / Filler: Nicaragua / Nicaragua, Dominican Republic

Grade: Hand Rolled / Long Filler

Blender: Glen Case


After a handful of unsalted dry roasted almonds and fresh pineapple, I decided to go and lounge by the pool with a nice cigar and a glass single malt scotch. I opened my humidor and picked out a Kristoff Corojo Limitada Matador and poured a glass Glenlivit 18 neat. I sat by the pool and listen to in the sunny 70 degree weather.
This is an attractive cigar with a brown and orange tint. It has a nice oily sheen and few discernible veins. The orange band and lettering, pigtail and shaggy foot produce and excellent presentation.

I cut the pigtail off with my Xikar Xi1 cutter and took a drag before lighting; an excellent easy draw. I lit the shaggy foot with wooden matches and it only took two matches, it lit very easily. The first smooth draws embraced an earthy, woody note.  The cigar exuded a medium volume of smoke with hints of leather engulfing my palate. Around the quarter way mark I detected a nutty note with a touch of sweet vanilla.


Shortly after, the even burn passed the first third into the second, the smoke became creamy and thick as the quad colored ash of white, grey, brown and black held strong. This is when the spice of pepper kicked in and I began to taste salt toward the back of my throat.                                                                                   
The ash held on passed the first third and fell soon after I jerked my arm suddenly.
As I passed the halfway point, the leather note returned as the spiciness of pepper got stronger. The draw stayed consistent and the burn even.

When I crossed over to the last third of the cigar the spiciness started to mellow out and the earthy, woody note returned. Once in a while the salty taste in the back of my throat returned. The smoke mellowed a bit and never returned to the robust kick it was had delivered earlier and that was alright.
This cigar smoked for about an hour and forty minutes. I am considered a fast smoker so I’m guessing, most might want to put aside two hours for this treat. I never had to relight this cigar and the burn stayed even throughout the whole experience. The Kristoff Corojo Limitada Matador was a pleasant smoking experience on every level.

The Glenlivit 18 was nice, smooth and mildly spicy choice to pair with this cigar.
-February 17, 2013
Robert Anthony Meyers

2012 Oliva Serie V Maduro Especial

Shape: Toro
Size: 6 x 50
Strength: Medium - Full
Country of Origin: Nicaragua
Wrapper Type: Nicaraguan Maduro
Color Maduro
Binder / Filler: Nicaragua / Nicaragua
Grade: Hand Rolled / Long Filler
Blender: Oliva Cigar Co.
On a nice sunny day after picking the kids up from school, I decided to get the kids bike helmets and let them ride in the back of my apartment building while I sat and smoke one of my recently acquired 2012 Oliva Serie V Maduro Especial. I opened the trunk of my car, pulled out a chair, put on jazz and prepared for the event.
Having purchased a box of last year's edition (2011) on the advice of a respected cigar shop owner and finding them delicious, I was looking forward to smoking the 2012.
The appearance of this cigar was a nice chocolate brown with a light sheen to it. I had to look closely to notice the very few veins running through it. The Oliva band and it's colors reminded me of the outside packaging of an expensive box of chocolates.
 I cut the rounded end of my cigar with my Xikar Xi1 cutter and took a few drags to test the draw. The draw was good but not great. I used the Lotus torch I purchased many years ago to light it.
The first draws on this stick were open and peppery to the palate and back of the throat. This continued throughout the first quarter and the smoke was thick. I paired this cigar up with a nice single malt scotch, Glenlivet 18, a smooth single malt with a slight spice. As the burn was entering the first third the smoke got creamy as the peppery spice started to mellow and a slight coffee flavor entered my palate.
The ash was light grey, brownish and black and held on for a third and then fell off. It continued to smoke full of flavor with a nutty note mixed with the spiciness coming back ever so slightly. At the halfway point the smoke continues to be full and robust as it flowed out of the cracks of the ash which dropped for the second time.
As I got closer to the band, I could taste a woody note for the first time in the flavor.  After taking the band off, I could savor the spicy pepper flavor returning but it did not become overpowering. As the cigar was coming to an end, the spice mellowed. I never had to relight this cigar and the burn stayed even throughout the whole smoke and it never got hot. The draw stayed consistent and even from beginning to end. 
The Oliva Serie V Maduro Especial is a strong smoke so don't get up too fast while smoking it or you might have to sit right back down. This is a limited edition cigar, only 5000 made according to the information on the box. If you get a chance to grab a box or few do it.  -February 16, 2013
Robert Anthony Meyers