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Friday, July 19, 2013

MUWAT Kentucky Fire Cured - Just A Friend

Size: 6 X 52

Wrapper : Kentucky Fire Cured

Binder: Kentucky Fire Cured

Filler: Kentucky Fire Cured

Today, I was quite excited to break this cigar out of it's cellophane for a review. I was at IPCPR a few days ago and met Jonathan Brooke at the Drew Estate booth and he was kind enough to put this stick in my hand for me to review. I also had the pleasure of meeting the man himself, Jonathan Drew, a cool cat who put out his hand and took a picture with me and my friend from Philips & King International, Sergio Montolfo.

I took this cigar from my humidor and set up shop by the pool. A well constructed, chocolate brown rustic looking stick with minimal veins. The brown paper band is simple and elegant in its own way. It also had a nice oily sheen to it.

I pinched the cigar from it's wrapper and smelled hickory BBQ from the foot and beef jerky from the stick. I clipped the cap and took a dry draw of hickory smoke and BBQ. I toasted the foot with my new Jet Line torch lighter and tasted spicy oak, cedar and a mild sweetness. Full creamy smoke was coming from this stick right off the bat. Notes of mesquite and molasses added to the other flavors in the first third. The burn was mostly even and the nice grey dense ash help on for this first third.

The ash decided to fall as the even burn entered the second third and held it's form after falling into the ashtray. The smoked continued to pump out full and creamy as the burn continued to be even. Hints of hickory, molasses, salt and BBQ were the flavors I tasted. I was able to just slip the band off without incident. No tearing, cracks, glue or defects underneath.

The flavors continued to be mesquite, hickory, molasses and BBQ. The smoke was still full and creamy and the burn remained burning evenly throughout the rest of the smoking experience.

This cigar is a winner and Cigar Assessor Approved Cigar. I smoked this cigar until my fingers couldn't hold it anymore. I really enjoyed this smoking experience and wish I had a box of them. If you see this cigars in your local shop make sure to pick up as many as you can. You'll be glad you did. - July 19, 2013

Robert Anthony Meyers

Video Review 

 Thank you David St. James for the Jet Line lighter.

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