Cigar Assessor

Cigar Assessor

Monday, March 11, 2013

Garo Centum Salomon

Size: 7.5 X 58

Wrapper: Habano Ecuador

Binder: Habano Honduras

Filler: Nicaragua

Daylight savings began today which means I can enjoy a cigar while enjoying more of the sun's light as I smoke. This evening I will give it a try to celebrate.

A very good friend of mine is a huge fan of this cigar and handed this one over to me to review. I smoked one before because of his generosity but was in a small room of other cigar smokers and wasn’t reviewing at the time. I remember it being a good smoke but let’s see how it is now.
I sit in my usual place by the Jacuzzi and set up my event. This evening I will be drinking homemade Starbucks Italian Roast ice coffee. I like to put any leftover brewed coffee from the pot from the morning into the refrigerator and use it as ice coffee. I chose Pandora with my Hurricane Smith station as my music of the night.

This cigar came unwrapped and is light brown in color and with very light veins. The humble band is efficient.  I place it under my nose and sniff and coffee and barnyard is the scent that’s exhumed. The cut was smooth and clean. No pieces hanging. The prelight draw and I detect cinnamon stick. The draw on this cigar is slightly tight and isn’t as open as I’m used to. But it isn’t bad. I love the foot on this cigar. It reminded me of a missile and lighting it was easy with one wooden match.

The first taste is of roasted nuts and the smoke is a full creamy smoke swirling around. As I smoke on I taste hints of wood, ginger and clove, a very interesting array of notes. The burn is even with a strong black edge and warm orange glow inside.
The grey and black spotted ash is holding strong into the second third. I taste a blend of leather piquant mixed with a mild pepper and the burn remains even. The smoke is still kicking on full and thick.

The ash falls at the halfway point, about 4 inches in. I find that to be very cool.

The last third and I taste raisin, nuts, and pepper. Once I tasted salt on the back of my throat. I smoke this stick until I can’t smoke it anymore. It never had to be touched up or relighted and the burn remained even throughout.
This is a very fine, enjoyable cigar and thanks to my friend or I would have never got the chance to smoke one. I have never seen it in any of the cigar shops I visit. Here is a link to their website. - March 10, 2013
Robert Anthony Meyers