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Cigar Assessor

Saturday, March 2, 2013

San Lotano Habano Churchill

Size: 7 X 52

Origin: Nicaragua

Wrapper:  Brazilian Habano

Binder: Honduras

Filler: Dominican Republic/Honduras/Nicaragua

Today was a great friend’s birthday and he wanted to spend it at the cigar shop we love to hang at called, Old Oaks Cigar Company. So four of us committed to the hang, met up and drove over to Old Oaks. Tonight, I purchased a few cigars and decided I would review the San Lotano Habano Churchill.

Out of the cellophane the cigar is milk chocolate in color with minimal veins. The construction on the Habano is phenomenal and feels great in your hand. The presentation is very good. It has two bands one that is gold and light brown with gold letters spelling Habano and the other is a bigger band of the company logo with many colors.

The sniff encompasses scents of barnyard and cinnamon stick. For my friend’s birthday we got him a Xikar cutter to replace the one he recently lost so I used it to cut the cap and what a fine clean cut. The draw was smooth and effortless. Using a piece of cedar lit with a wooden match I’m able to light the cigar instantly without any trouble.
The first flavors I tasted were cacao and coffee. This Habano was already a joy to smoke. Hints of toasted nuts was now the dominate flavor with full velvet smoke filling my mouth.

The second third and sweetness appears for a few puffs and the toasted nutty flavor returns soon after.


The light grey ash with minor streaks of black, falls as the burn passes the one third point of this stick. This cigar is very well constructed and the burn stays even up to this point.
The last third and the cacao returns with walnuts ending off the last of the cigar.  The ash only fell twice and the burn stayed even throughout the whole smoking experience.


I enjoyed this cigar from the first puff to the last puff. I recommend this cigar to people who love a full flavored well-constructed cigar without a bite.
I purchased a box about 6 months ago and never experienced a bad stick in the batch. The cigar I smoked for this review was purchased tonight from the store we were hanging out at. - March 1, 2012

 Robert Anthony Meyers



  1. I heard good things about this cigar. I guess I'm going to have to try one. Nice review!

    1. One of my favorites... I love the maduro.